Space Hulk HD and FG site

2012-06-01 08:59:30 by flashbound

Hello NG!

WH40k: SpaceHulk is now out in HD on youtube under the official new Flash-Gitz Animation channel, so you can all stop stealing it now and go watch it here: dded&v=P4tmNhtf8ks

We've also just launched our official site,! Check it out and become a member if you have a gmail, we'd really appreciate your support. We'll be posting status updates on upcoming animations, as well as keeping a feed of HD releases to youtube.

You can also now follow Me and Tom with Flash-Gitz Animation on Facebook and twitter!

Our next cartoon is out in 2 weeks!

Space Hulk HD and FG site

To SH fans

2011-03-27 13:37:11 by flashbound

the anniversary mark passed about a month and a half ago, so I suppose an apology is in order for the fans promised a sequel by then

The past year has been a fairly busy, memorable one for myself and Mr. Forbidmetal.. We've bought cars, undergone drawn out girlfriend dramas, found jobs, applied to colleges and earned scholarships - It's left little time (I'll speak for myself anyway) for Flash.

Anyway my excuse for this month-and-a-half (and running) tardiness of Spacehulk II is a sort of 'flash blitz' I've had to endure for my IB art exam coming up later this week. About 30-40 hours of solid flashing has gone in to the creation of 2 animations, one submitted yesterday:

and another which will be released this coming christmas (it'd be sort of irrelevant to put up today)

All I can say now is you can expect to see SH II sometime after I manage to fall back in love with flash. for now, I excitedly await a long hiatus

chew on some robo bacon until I get back

To SH fans

Space Hulk 2 (Update)

2010-12-17 17:33:08 by flashbound

Hey guys, I've got some progress updates to show-n-tell (these are long overdue)

all the notes and screenies have been compiled on our flash blog tho, so it's quicker just to link you:

enjoy :)

Space Hulk 2 (Update)

NG Office footage

2010-09-06 09:48:02 by flashbound

I don't have much to say, but I figured Id share the footage of my and ForbidMetal's visit to the New grounds office. The guys down there have decorated with all kinds of cool stuff so its sort of just a funny little clip.

flashbound (me) is in the blue with blond hair, forbidmetal is the one in the white, brown hair, English accent
skip to 4:50 for the Newgrounds stuff. we did some other things in phili too

/* */

40k animation progress blog :)

2010-01-24 14:48:21 by flashbound


I've nearly finished the first episode of my upcoming series, 'space hulk.' it'll be out in a few days, but in the mean time you can track my progress on animations of this series, upcoming series, shorts, and those of my friend tom, on our new blog:
the blog will in the near future likely become a web base for 40k animators, and there may very well be additional authors in the future.

we'd greatly appreciate your subscription and following of the blog. We're really seeking criticism during the animation process, so that the final product is as good as possible.
We'll also be posting neat tips, tricks, and things we've found around the internet to help out our fellow animators.

so if you like flash (odds are you do, your on newgrounds after all) 40k, or both, check out the blog. some neat things will be popping up there :)

thanks for your time

once again, thats that.

2009-11-17 21:27:42 by flashbound

Id say the 40k collab may have been a waste of time... I'm beginning to feel this anyway

we've received a bogus score, and maybe we've earned it. a lot of people are dissatisfied with the product.. and am I?

Anway, I've learned one thing.. and that is to never again have any resemblance in my work to JohnnyUtahs, whos' work has been an inspiration, because I've been crucified for it.

though, honestly.. is it fair to reserve drawing realistic caricature cartoons with good shading on brush size 2, smoothing 25 for someone? it looks good, and I can do it.. yet JUtah did it first, and I was inspired and taught HOW to do it through studying his work, and observing that newgrounds likes that style.

anyway, bring on the hate mail. :)

well that's that

2009-08-21 16:36:13 by flashbound

I was in first -second place by popular vote for clockday, under the clock day 2009 listings, but It came down to the clocks pick, not actual popular vote.

I suppose when I heard this I knew I was done and out, but it sure would have been nice had tom posted the reminder. I feel like I've completely wasted my time making the clockday movie, not having placed even in 10th by biased shitty clock opinion, but 1st place by popular vote (and over 12k votes)

so, in conclusion, of all the ng holidays to spend 14 hours animating for, with hopes of receiving money to buy those neat little things NG sells, clockday is the most colossal waste of time you could possibly, plausibly come up with.

I guess everyone finds a reason to hate clocks.

how sad

2009-07-29 21:49:30 by flashbound

having no news or nothing really to write about is rather sad isn't it?

I mean here's a news post, that may get like 3 responses at the most. I suppose this is just to see what kind of traffic my page gets.. (not to damn much I'd imagine) but hey, right now I'm a collab organizer, and I've appealed to all of the 40k nerds of newgrounds with 'the 40k: signs of war,' with 2 rewards on that un', so hey, yah never know :')

in other news, why does newgrounds's dictionary engine not think 'newgrounds' a real word? it's the same thing with youtube too..
I'm no big time web designer, so I'm not really sure how the user input spell check engine works for sites... but if it is custom at all... well I guess it isn't then is it?